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Editorial Reviews

The Beatles' acclaimed original studio album remasters, released on CD in '09, make their long-awaited stereo vinyl debut

Manufactured on 180-gram, audiophile quality vinyl with replicated artwork, the 14 albums return to their original glory with details including the poster in The Beatles (the white-colored album), the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band's cut-outs, and special inner bags for some of the titles

The titles range from the Beatles' 12 original United kingdom albums, first released between 1963 and 1970, the united states-originated Magical Mystery Tour, now area of the group's core catalogue, and Past Masters, Volumes One & Two, first released individually in 1988, featuring non-album A-sides and B-sides, Air tracks and rarities. With this particular release, The Beatles' first four albums make their North American stereo vinyl debuts

There's always been interest in The Beatles' albums on vinyl. Indeed, 2011's best-selling vinyl LP within the U . s . States was Abbey Road. Following the prosperity of The Beatles' acclaimed, GRAMMY Award-winning 2009 CD remasters, it had been made the decision the seem experts at EMI's Abbey Road Studios should create new versions from the Beatles' vinyl LPs. The work required exactly the same meticulous approach taken for that CD releases, and the brief would be a simple one: cut digital remasters to vinyl by having an absolute the least compromise towards the seem. However, the process involved to do that was far from simple

The very first stage in transferring the seem of the master recording to vinyl is the development of a disc for use during vinyl manufacture. There have been two choices to consider. A Direct Metal Master (DMM), coded in the late seventies, enables seem to become cut straight into a stainless-steel disc coated having a hard copper alloy. the older, alternative method is to cut the sound into the soft lacquer coating on a nickel disc - the first of several steps leading to the production of a stamper to press the vinyl

A 'blind' listening test was arranged to choose from a 'lacquer' or 'copper' cut. Using each method, A Tough Day's Night was pressed with 10-seconds of silence at the start and finish of every side. This permitted not just the reproduction from the music to become assessed, but even the noise produced by the vinyl itself. After much discussion, two factors thrown the choice towards while using lacquer process. First, it had been judged to produce a warmer seem than the usual DMM. Next, there was a practical advantage of having 'blank' discs of a consistent quality when cutting lacquers

The next phase ended up being to make use of the Neumann VMS80 cutting lathe at Abbey Road. Following thorough mechanical and electrical tests to make sure it had been operating in peak condition, engineer Sean Magee cut the LPs in chronological release order. He used the initial 24-bit remasters as opposed to the 16-bit versions which were needed for CD production. It had been also made the decision to make use of the remasters which had not gone through 'limiting' - a process to improve the seem level, which is deemed necessary for most current pop CDs

Getting made initial test cuts, Magee pinpointed any seem issues that can happen during playback of vinyl records. To rectify them, changes were created towards the remasters having a Digital Audio Workstation. For instance, each vinyl album was took in to for just about any 'sibilant episodes' - vocal distortion that may occur on consonant sounds for example S and T. They were remedied by reduction of the amount within the really small part of seem resulting in the undesired effect. Similarly, any probability of 'inner-groove distortion' was addressed. Because the stylus approaches the center from the record, it's prone to track the groove less precisely. This could modify the high-middle frequencies, creating a 'mushy' seem particularly noticeable on vocals. Using what Magee has referred to as 'surgical EQ,' problem frequencies were identified and reduced in level to compensate for this

The final phase from the vinyl mastering process started with the appearance of the very first batches of test pressings produced from master lacquers that were delivered to the 2 pressing plant factories. Stringent quality tests identified any noise or click appearing on several test pressing in the same location. If the happened, it had been obvious the undesired sounds have been introduced either throughout the cutting or even the pressing stage and therefore the test records were rejected. Within the quest to offer the greatest quality possible, the Abbey Road team labored carefully using the pressing factories and the makers from the lacquer and cutting styli

yet another and unusual challenge was to guarantee the proper playback from the sounds baked into the 'lock-groove' in the finish of side a couple of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Requiring a mix of good timing and luck, it'd been a extended and pricey process to really make it work correctly. Actually, it had been so tricky, it'd never been attempted for American pressings from the LP. Naturally, Sean Magee and they perfected this and the garbled message is heard as initially intended around the remastered Sgt. Pepper LP.

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557 of 605 people found the following review helpful (2009 UPDATE) The Crown Jewel of The Beatles Catalog
By Steve Vrana HALL OF FAME TOP 500 REVIEWER on The month of january 4, 2000 Format: Audio CD For a long time I recognized on belief the best album available was Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. That can be a album remains a sensational illustration of the summer time of affection, the real trinity from the Beatles oeuvre are Rubber Soul, Revolver and Abbey Road--using the nod likely to Abbey Road because the Beatles final studio album.
There's not really a false note about this album. It begins having a effective vocal from John Lennon on "Come Together," that is balanced through the tenderness of "Something," one of George Harrison's best songs (and just Beatles A-side single contribution). With "Because" Lennon authored among the loveliest tunes of his career. The silliness of McCartney's "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and Ringo Starr's child-like "Octopus's Garden" exude charm and warmth from the band which was near fragmenting forever and taking a few of the innocence from the sixties together.
And then there's the side-2 suite (tracks 9-16)which still creates effective listening three decades later. Mister Paul McCartney summed everything in "The Finish": "And within the finish, the romance you are taking is equivalent to the romance you are making." So the curtain rang lower around the best rock 'n' roll band within our lifetime. ESSENTIAL
Here is a brief update from the 2009 remastered discharge of ABBEY ROAD:
The tunes: There aren't any new songs or demos incorporated about this rerelease. It has just the original tracks in the 1969 release.
THE REMASTERING: This CD continues to be remastered in the original stereo analogue master tapes. Since this is one of the few Beatles albums to be recorded in stereo (Yellow Submarine and Allow It To BE would be the only other two), there's no mono version. Read more › 41 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 596 of 652 people found the following review helpful What planet are this option from?
By Sal Nudo VINE VOICE on August 17, 2000 Format: Audio CD Until lately, the only real factor I understood concerning the Beatles' "Abbey Road" was the goofy album cover where all band people are crossing the road. Now I contemplate it among the best, state-of-the-art rock 'n' roll albums ever released. And That I mean innovative and fresh by today's standards, not only the factors from the late 1960s. This option practically invented the skill of making melodic rock music, and they actually were not afraid to test out sounds and ideas.
"Abbey Road" offers something for everyone a 90-year-old senior could love this particular album as quickly like a 5-year-old kid. the sounds and tastes of the record are all around the map. for example, whereas "Come Together" is really a serious rock anthem having a heavy message, songs like "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (Lennon-McCartney) and "Octopus's Garden" (Ringo Starr) are silly pop nuggets. Romance can also be present, like on George Harrison's beautiful "Something" (with a swooning string section), and around the dramatic "Oh! Darling," where Paul McCartney belts the lyrics in the most sincere tone. Overall, there is a boyish, innocent quality to those songs, especially lyrically, yet a sophistication towards the seem and musical development. In a nutshell, The BEATLES, in addition to their producer, George Martin, possessed the sources, talent, sound and what would have been a feeling of finality to produce among the best records ever.
Although the Beatles were enroute by helping cover their "Abbey Road," the seven-minute-plus "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is similar to another British band on their own means by in 1969, Brought Zeppelin. Read more › 25 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 96 of 105 people found the following review helpful Metallica Fan's Point of View
By Matthew Di Micelli on June 15, 2005 Format: Audio CD Hi. It was my first Beatles album. I'm normally keen on Metallica, guns and Roses, Black Sabbath, AC/Electricity, and so i never really believed that I'd like the Beatles. well, I had been suprised after i took in for this album. It truly is great. Every song is genius. I understand this might not seem like much from a hard rock/metal fan, but things i am saying is the fact that I believe anyone can apprecitate this album, it truly is a thing of beauty!5 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please try again 82 of 93 people found the following review helpful Final Walk
By P Magnum HALL OF FAME VINE VOICE on The month of january 4, 2001 Format: Audio CD While Allow It To Be was their final release, Abbey Road evolved as the result from the before they recorded together within the studio. Regardless of the annonmosity and frayed tensions one of the band, Abbey Road implies that they might produce music mind and shoulders above everybody else. "Come Together" includes a Chuck Berry riff and George Harrison's "Something" has grew to become a typical with even Frank Sinatra recording a version. "Oh! Darling" has Paul McCartney flexing his vocal muscles and "Octopus' Garden" is really a fun and goofy Ringo Starr composition. "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" is aptly entitled as we have an emergency and yearning John Lennon vocal with heavy playing guitar. "Here Comes The Sun's Rays" is the greatest song George Harrison did using the Beatles with it's positive lyrics playing in stark contrast towards the dark clouds all around the band at that time. The song suite that closes the album shows this guitar rock band remained as prepared to push limitations and it's appropriate it closes by helping cover their an audio lesson known as "The Finish". Abbey Road marked the close from the recording career from the finest group in music history. Within the six years they made music within the studio together, they created songs that does not only affected the background music world, but the planet as whole. Using their hair, for their clothes to almost everything they did, they gripped the public's image and attitudes.9 Comments Was this review useful for you? Yes No Delivering feedback... Appreciate your feedback.If the review is inappropriate, Please tell us. Sorry, we unsuccessful to record your election. Please repeat the process See all 1,764
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